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    Difficulties: Fresh Downloader but confused!


      Hello there folks of Adobe,


      I just downloaded my package Adobe Creative Suite 6: Design Standard that works for Windows.  I have it all installed, I have my user up and going... But at the last part, saying it was completed, it said that I can download the applications that come with the CDs. Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, and Adobe Acrobat X Pro with the additional components: Adobe Bridge CS6 and Adobe Media Encoder CS6.


      I was so eager that I clicked out of the program before finding out how to get the applications into my current program... And I need help!


      1. Do I need to purchase these applications?


      2. If I do not need to purchase these applications, where do I go to retrieve them?


      I am so eager to get started on working on my images so badly and to get in the world of Adobe Creations, but I really need help. I appreciate the time and patience for helping me and I do apologize.




      Nichelle Lewis