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    Adobe Premiere Audio Problem?

    eboda redaer

      Calling all adobe premiere problem solvers.


      I seem to be having a problem with an audio file I imported into premiere pro,

      when I play the audio in premiere it gives off this high pitched squeal/screech noise throughout the whole sequence.

      The audio file comes from a video in a 'AVI' format so it's nothing out of my understanding so far.


      I know this from common sense when I say that I know this problem started because I changed the way I made my videos in which I started to use an external codec 'x264'


      I didn't think premiere would have any problems with such a thing as VLC/WMP plays the raw video just fine AND when I decided to use another video editing software [Cyberlink PowerDirector] to check that it wasn't just a software issue to confirm that it is something specific in premiere that I must do in order to continue with my work.


      I can only assume from this that it is a codec related problem?

      Maybe premiere isn't compatible with x264? which I highly doubt because premiere is a program you don't really question, being premiere and all.


      If anybody knows how to solve this problem it would be much appreciated, to me and anybody else in the same position as me.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What are the full specs. of the Audio in that AVI file?


          There might be something useful in that info.


          Good luck,



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            eboda redaer Level 1

            stereo, 192kbps, 48khz

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              And the CODEC used is what, please?



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                eboda redaer Level 1

                I figured I would try and use the adobe encoder to convert it into another format to see if it would be deemed 'compatible' with premiere but no luck, the converted file resulted to the same problem except this time when I play it with VLC the problem is already there, without importing into premiere.

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                  eboda redaer Level 1

                  To paint the picture more vividly, when I import the audio in premiere the waveform from beginning to end is chaotic and is showing high frequency spikes consistently. May I remind you that when I'm not in premiere and just playing the file raw with VLC player or WMP, it's fine. No problems at all.

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                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                    Can you open it in Audition and export to a WAV?

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                      eboda redaer Level 1

                      Okay, so I just attempted it but I'm not too sure how you're supposed to import an avi file into it and have it play the audio, because it's not playing. due to being a video file.

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                        eboda redaer Level 1

                        To study this persistent problem even further I've decided to give the video importing to several video editing softwares including Sony Vegas, Powerdirector & Corel VideoStudio. So far Sony Vegas gave back to me a glitched up video feedback and the sound didn't even being to start playing, SV had no chance. Corel VideoStudio however does the complete opposite of what Adobe Premiere does. Which is that rather than playing the video fine and having the audio mess up it plays the audio just fine whilst the video doesn't even play properly. and last but not least Cyblink's powerdirector, this program is the only program out of the rest to be able to play the avi file just fine like the other programs were supposed to.

                        I don't wish to be using another program to edit my videos just because of this minor problem.

                        Does anybody know how to fix this please? It'll be much appreciated if somebody could actually post a solution.

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                          eboda redaer Level 1

                          Really? Nobody knows why this problem occurs, I have to say that I'm disappointed.

                          Frankly I'm surprised that some expert hasn't posted a solution already, especially when despite the fact that this problem actually exists even if it is pretty stupid. It isn't actually that complicated, ironically.

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                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                            In Audition, you go to the File menu, select "Import" and "File". Import the AVI.


                            If it doesn't import then you have a real problem because Audition will import darn near any file with audio in it. It might complain about the video codec but who cares?


                            Once you can play it in audition, export as a WAV and put it on a sequence with your original video in Premiere Pro, muting the original audio and using the WAV file.


                            Then nest that sequence anywhere you want and use it basically like a video clip.

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                              eboda redaer Level 1

                              I see what you're saying, I've tried it already but I get a message saying that the file I imported 'contains only video and cannot be edited', or when I in the multitrack it says..


                              'Error: File not supported by any currently registered plug-ins.'


                              I don't know why i would get such a message because the video clip DOES have audio and it plays just fine when played raw.. all I have to say to this is wtf?


                              MAY I REMIND YOU that it's an avi file, like seriously? This is by far the most dumbest problem I have ever come across. Again, everything in the file is nothing abnormal!! Just the standard 192kbps stereo 48khz!!

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                                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                If you can open it in other programs, use one of them to export the audio. Then use that in Premiere Pro.

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                                  eboda redaer Level 1

                                  Sorry if this sounds like I'm being difficult in some way, but I would like to know why premiere won't just be able to play the sequence with no problems without having me to go through all this trouble and time waste with another programs just so I can use my precious premiere. I want to find out how I can solve this problem resulting in no troubles importing clips into premiere in the first place.

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                                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                    If Audition says it can't be opened, then there is something seriously wrong with the file. Unless all of your files are like that, I suggest that you deal with this one and move on. If they are all like that. what kind of camera are you using and what mode are you shooting in?


                                    If it is just some file you got from the Internet, it is faulty and you should just use the workarounds. Or change the manner in which you downloaded it.


                                    Edit: But that is just my opinion.

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                                      joe bloe premiere Level 5

                                      From your descriptions in post #9, it appears

                                      that you have a troubled A/V file.

                                      If the only program that can read it is Cyblink's powerdirector,

                                      then you should take Steven's advice and flip the file to something

                                      you can use in Premiere.


                                      Your post #4 says your .avi file's codec is x264.

                                      Have you checked the extended file details using a utility like GSpot?

                                      It might help to post a screenshot.




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                                        eboda redaer Level 1

                                        No this problem only occurred recently and I know why, because the only files that seem to have the problem are the files I decided to use a differrent encoder to see if the quality of my videos would improve, and they did, with far smaller memory consumption which I'm happy about, I used x264 I think I've already mentioned it.

                                        But surely this shouldn't even be a problem?

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                                          eboda redaer Level 1


                                          Here, hopefully this'll help you help me?

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                                            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                            Edit: You posted as I was writing.


                                            If you want to send me a minute or so of the audio, I will take a look.




                                            (No sense in hiding an email address I post on my web site is there?)


                                            I don't know of MPEG-1 audio is appropriate. I have to go to work, but I might be able to listen to it tonight.

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                                              eboda redaer Level 1

                                              It's not that I don't trust sending you my files, it's just that I don't see the need to because there's really not much more you need to know other than

                                              1.the codec used for the video and audio is shown in the screenshot I posted

                                              2.Play the file raw with a mediaplayer[VLC specifically] and it works fine, but when trying to play the file in premiere the audio gives off a high pitched screech/squealing noise with the waveform looking like what it sounds like, out of control.

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                                                Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                                I was thinking you might record something new just to get a few seconds into a file.


                                                The codec info isn't sufficient. What is the actual volume of the audio? Is the waveform accurate? Is VLC adjusting the volume for you somehow, where Premiere Pro won't?


                                                By the way, the audio isn't H.264, that is only the video.


                                                What kind of AVI file is it? By that, I mean what exports an H.264 file as an AVI instead of MP4?


                                                We are only trying to help. If it plays OK for us, and not for you, it will tell you something you need to know. If it does not play for us then we might be able to help you understand why.


                                                Perhaps there is something you need to do before you encode to an interleaved format?

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                                                  eboda redaer Level 1

                                                  like I said, the waveform in premiere looked exactly how it sounded in premiere which was the high screeching/squealing sound I'm getting when importing.

                                                  So the waveform looks like it's consistently spiking in accordance to the screech.


                                                  'x264vwf' is the encoder i'm using.

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                                                    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                                                    That codec is well known for having problems. A lot of Doom players use it.


                                                    There are much better ways to get game play into Premiere Pro for editing.


                                                    I asked you questions that you do not want to answer for some reason. I can't help without those answers so maybe you can get someone else to play along. No answers from you means no help from me.


                                                    I don't see why you don't want to tell me how you encoded the file or why you can't get me a sample, but it seems to me you might not want help. You might just want to rant. If so, I'm done. If you still want assistance, more information, like step by step details to replicate the problem, are required.

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                                                      I export video for play on a TV, but I have the same problem with MPEG2.  Just a squeak, and no other audio.  Did you get an answer.  it happens in two of five videos exported. 

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                                                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        As this is a two-year old thread, it would be better if you started a new one, and provide some info ... your OS, computer specs, and which version of PrPro you're using plus the type of codec/sequence settings you're working with.