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    Extension Manager amongst apps that won't update after installing Master Collection CS4


      I just installed some of the apps in the CS4 Master Collection, and when I run the updater, 2 of the apps fail to update.


      Of the apps in the suite, I installed Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Illustrator. Plus their auto selected dependencies.


      When the updater runs, it fails at Extension Manager & Flash Lite for Device Central.


      What happens with the first one- the Extension Manager failure, is that the progress bar moves, then snaps back an inch, then moves forward an inch & snaps back again- and this repeats for about a half an hour until it times out & provides a dialog which allows me to choose to skip the update & install the remaining ones.


      The second one- the Flash Lite for Device Central failure progress bar does the same thing, only at a different position further along the box. Its dialog only gives me the option to stop installing & quit, not to continue installing the remaining updates. I guess because it happens at the end of the update process.


      I'm running Windows XP Home edition 32-bit.


      Can someone help me?