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    How do I remove an old scanner from the File_Import sub-menu?


      I'm running Photoshop CS6 under Windows 7-32bit, on a Dell Optiplex 360 with 4GB of RAM installed. My hard drive has 96GB of free space, so system resources seem adequate.


      I recently replaced an old multi-function printer and a flat-bed scanner with a new multi-function printer that is capable of flat-bed scanning too. I have disconnected the old devices and uninstalled the drivers, not only from my computer but from all the other computers on my home network too. But the File_Import menu still shows all three devices even though two of them have been permanently disconnected. What am I missing? I would really like to make the scanners that I no longer have disappear from that import menu. How do I do it?

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try this: You will only want to delete the files associated with your obsolete scanner.

          If you are not sure, please contact tech support of the uninstalled scanner.



          Following the un-installation of the programs, delete the "twain"
          files and the "twunk" files. This is done because some of these files are
          not removed from the computer when the programs are uninstalled.


          a. Go to "Start," come up to "Find or Search," and
          click on "Files or Folders."  Be sure the "look in" box is set to search the
          hard drive, or "C:" drive.
          b. In the "named" box type "twain" (minus the quotes).
          Make sure the box to the left of "Include subfolders" is selected (has a
          check mark in it). If not, click on the box.
          c. Click on the "Find Now" button.
          d. Delete all of the "twain" files by going to "Edit"
          and clicking on "Select all," and then going to "File" and clicking on
          e. Go through the previous four steps again, but this
          time type "twunk" (minus the quotes) in the "Named" box instead of typing

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            sexauerwl Level 1


            The only "twain" and "twunk" files that I found were located in the windows.old directory. Were your instructions for a version of Windows prior to Windows 7? I suspect you're on the right track but that Windows 7 is enough different that I need different instructions.


            Thank you for your prompt help so far.