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    In symbol instance's .click code, refer to self?

    bdggr Level 1

      In the .click code of a symbol instance, how do I refer to self (the symbol instance)?  Surely I don't have to give the name of myself; that would be redundant.  I want non-coding colleagues to be able to replicate the symbol with no particular naming scheme and with no change in the code of each.


      I have many instances on the stage.  Each contains two div's and the second div contains an image called "checkmark_outlined2".  I'm not using timelines, just setting properties in code.


      Pseudo-code of what I want to do is simple:

           when symbol instance receives a click

                set the opacity of my image to 0  // only my image, not those of other instances of the same symbol

                set my overall opacity to 0.5        // same here


      If I understand right, sym in this context still refers to the stage rather than the symbol instance