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    Locked Files?

    pa_writer Level 1
      I inherited a Help and am trying to make changes to it. Everything in the Project File appears to be locked down. When I try to modify content, or delete logos/images, I get the following error:

      To modify this document, the files in the list below must be writeable.

      Any ideas how to unlock the Project File?
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          lmarden Level 2
          First thing to verify is that your RoboHelp installation and the project itself is on your local workstation.

          Next, you can check file attributes on the files in Windows Explorer to see if they are Read Only, and change them to Read / Write. Right-Click on any file or folder in Windows Explorer, and select Properties from the mouse menu. You will see and can change the current attributes.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            To add to what lmarden offers, it's often the case that if you copy files from a read-only medium (such as CD-ROM) that the attributes of the copied files are also carried along and the files are then in a read-only state.

            Cheers... Rick