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    SWF options

    Azzz45 Level 1
      Problem: My 3 inserted SWF 's (30 fps) play too early in a published version (viewing through Firefox). However if I navigate directly to the slide it plays correctly (on start of slide, play). It will only play correctly if I navigate from 2 or more slides before or after the slide where the SWF is located.

      Now there are two options for swf in Presenter:
      Presentation Settings - Flash Files tab: Controlled by presentation playbar
      Preferences - Quality tab - Disable preloading of embedded Flash movies

      From my testing:
      Neither are checked: I have the problem the swf's play to early in the local published version
      When only Controlled by presentation playbar: This does nothing to the running of the SWF. Problem still exists in the local published version
      When both Controlled & disable are checked: SWF files runs correctly in the local published version
      When only Disable preloading is checked: SWF files runs correctly in the local published version

      My two issues are:
      I still cannot control the playback of the SWF using the main control bar (I don't want to include a seperate play bar within the swf)....
      When I use the 'Disable preloading of embedded Flash movies' this will suffice for the very small swf's but what happens you have a SWF at the end of the presentation that is eg 2MB, and you are on dial-up??? Does this mean this SWF does not load until you are on that slide therefore the user needs to wait about 2 mins for the SWF to load or does it mean that the SWF will still load (buffer) in the background but will not start until the user in on the slide?

      Any thoughts?
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Not sure why the SWFs are playing early. If the box for Controlled by presentation playbar is checked. The SWF should wait until that slide plays, but this sounds like something that you may have to share the presentation so that someone else can see exactly what is going on and problem solve from there. I'd be happy to look at your presentation if you would like, you can PM me to not share with everyone, or if you have a resident Connect/Presenter Expert (other than yourself of course) that you know and trust, go to them.

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            Crozzer Level 1
            Hi, I had the same problem and it easily fixed. Presenter loads the next slide before the end of the last and so the swf file begins early. All you need to do is add a stop command with actionscript on the first frame and that it!! Hope this helps.
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              One other potential issue (at least is was for me)...

              When converting your video file to SWF, you can also add a stop on first frame option during this process as well.
              For example, if you're using FlixPro, you'd go into the SWF tab and select the "STOP action on first frame" option before you run
              the conversion.

              This will allow then have the swf wait for a start command from the main presentation...and should allow the tool bar to control what is happening. Otherwise, at least it was the case for me...the swf will simply start up early.

              As for your second question...I do believe that this would impact dial-up users as they'd have to wait for the swf to load.