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    off topic : get some opinions about my personal project



      This time I want something different. I hope I don't do anything wrong when I ask for your opinions. Please, sorry my grammar.



      I make a magazine by my own. My fiance help me with the contents and some articles (technical articles and short histories), but the rest are my own design. This is a personal proyect, not comercial (for now) and I do it like for exploring options and ideas.



      I'm sure I make lot of mistakes but I'm sure I do something good nevertheless. So, if you can tell me my mistakes and successes, I'll really thank a lot.



      You can download the PDF (it's a little heavy, 207Mb) from our blog (http://virtualmagazineonline.blogspot.com/p/descargas.html). We have an account in Issuu but it's a free one, and have many limitations, by example, we must had to split the file in three parts, and the crossword do not work normally. In the blog you will found 2 editions of my project. The one I want opinions is the second number, May 2013 (Virtual Magazine N° 2 Mayo 2013)



      So that's all. Again, sorry my grammar.

      Regards from Lima, Perú... and thanks in advance.