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    External monitor through HDMI on laptop with 310m graphics card




      Please could you help me. I have CS6 Production Premiere on my Toshiba 17" laptop running Windows 7. I am trying to get the time line monitor to display on an HD TV using the HDMI port. It's a pain having to use a laptop monitor when the time line is so full of many layers and I have to make the preview screen the size of a postage stamp to see them all.


      With Premiere CS6 I simply plug in the HDMI cable and go to the display settings and can get it to  display the preview screen perfectly on my telly. Am I correct in thinking that After Effects doesn't have this option? Why can't it work in the same way as Premiere? I have read lots of posts on this forum that say it is possible if you plug the HDMI cable into the graphics card, but my inbuilt NVidia 310M doesn't have its own ports. I have gone to the Nvidia control panel, but it has limited options and I couldn't find anything that would help.