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    Problems with cURL: 500 internal error


      Hi all


      As there is no chance of getting daycare support  to take this request seriously I have taken to the forums; here is my issue I dont expect a resolution but would love if you could point out areas that are involved in this process or easy mistakes to make, here goes:


      What i am trying to achieve:

      to setup a script that will build and package and download it to the local server from the local server


      server details:

      aws ec2 instance

      red hat os

      plenty of system resource



      I have created an empty package with the filters: /content/mobile


      This is the command I am running:

      curl -u admin:pass -X POST http://servername:4502/crx/packmgr/service/.json/etc/packages/backup-test.zip?cmd=build


      servernames I have tried (I would prefer to use localhost):


      server author url (this utilises rewrites and may be problematic)

      server ip


      This is the output of the command:




      Internal Server Error


      Internal Server Error




      This is also logged in /CQ5UATStorageBlock/adobe/cq/author/crx-quickstart/logs/crx/error.log:

      29.05.2013 13:24:22 *WARN * CRXSessionCache: Unable to retrieve session: javax.jcr.LoginException (CRXSessionCache.java, line 98)


      However, when running these from an external source i.e my laptop:

      curl -u admin:pass -X POST http://server ip:4502/crx/packmgr/service/.json/etc/packages/my_packages/backup-test.zip?cmd=build

      curl -u admin:pass -X POST http://serverurl:4502/crx/packmgr/service/.json/etc/packages/my_packages/backup-test.zip?cmd=build

      curl -u admin:pass -X POST http://serverurl/crx/packmgr/service/.json/etc/packages/my_packages/backup-test.zip?cmd=build


      The response is:

      {“success”:true,”msg”:”Package built”}


      Please let me know your ideas I hope this is enough details to get the ball rolling.

      look forward to hearing from you


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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi Sam,


          There should be additional errors apart from warning LoginException.  Could you please find the same in <cq_home>/crx-quickstart/logs/crx/error.log and attach the logs.  Command looks right. Is it cluster environment?


          P.S:-  Daycare team will definitely help you & make sure you have set right priority in the ticket.