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    Setting variables in the main timeline

      I am trying to customize a flash component that I purchased. It is a flip-book which some of you may be familiar with. The component works just fine, but I want to use input and output/dynamic text fields. I can't assign the variable names to the instances, because they are created dynamically, so I want to set the Vars and names etc using the main timeline. In English this is what I think I need to do:

      on loading the movieclip called "input1", create an input text field called "input"
      on loading the next movieclip called "output1" create a dynamic text field. in this text field, load variable from text field called "input".

      any assistance would be greatly appreciated, even to get me going in the right direction. Thanks!
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          I typically run dynamic text out of text documents using:

          &text= blah blah blah

          As far as placing the text in the document, I have only done that once. You can use PHP to grab the dynamic text and force it into the document with the current time and date. I'm sorry I don't have some source code to share with you, but if you look up PHP and Flash at www.flashkit.com, I'm sure something will pop up.
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            dawndawg Level 1
            I don't want to load text that I've created. I want to load text from the input box. so when someone types an answer into the input, the "output" displays that same text. the reason I can't use the var name in the properties inspector is because the movie clip is loaded from the component, and doesn't actually have an instance name on the stage. So I am looking for a way to set up the variables on the main timeline.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you can use an onChanged method of your textfield (input) and have that assign the text property of input to the text property of output.