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    Can I add two projects to a new project



      Is there any easy way to put two projects on the same timeline, without exporting both as video files?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 11

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This is my take and response to what you have asked.


          You cannot import a Premiere Elements project file (project.prel) into another.


          And, whatever is on the Timeline of a project needs to be exported as a video file OR be copyed/pasted between two projects (project.prel files).


          From what you wrote, you do not want to "export both as video files" as Hunt and Ann Bens have detailed in a recent thread.



          As for copy/paste, the only way that works for me is achieved with 3rd party software. I have used the program ClipMate which is a Windows Only software. And my how to use it is described in my blog post



          Please note that with Premiere Elements 11 Windows and ClipMate, there is a problem in the copy/paste of transitions. All else seems to be OK as described in the blog post cited.


          Please review the above and let us know if I have targeted your question.