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    Need help with AE crashes when work and render in it.

    RRRFoxy Level 1


      Until 1 week ago everything with my renders were fine. I was able to render any complicity project even with 8 Gb of RAM. now i cant render or work with any project. It simple after 1-2 mins eats up all my RAM to 100% used and crashes. When i try to render any project - where it says used RAM ... after 1 min it goes up to 100% and crashes with message :

      "Afetr Effect error: unable to allocate enough memory to render the current frame ......."



      i am sure you all know that one.

      My question is it AE or my hardware?? I re-installed AE twice now and updated and nothing changed. All same problem with any project i open. Can you advise with any info??


      I5 3570k

      8Gb of RAM

      2GB Inno 3d 650 ti card



      P.S. Setting i have in RAM is 1.5 Gb for all other progs reserved and rest for AE. Why is it going up to 100% i dont understand. Also i started to notice that CPU working almost always on 80-90% , when runing AE, it dint before.

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          RRRFoxy Level 1

          Does anyone have any idea what this can be...I am about to reinstall everything on my PC , starting win7 really dont want to do that but done see an answer. Did try everything and so far nothing workes

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            For all of my PC's I use Norton Ghost to backup a working copy of my OS and all it's software. This turns an 8 hour re-install into a 1/2 hour restore. Data is always backed up separately.


            I just don't spend enough time messing with problematic Windows machines to be of much other help. I don't know if anyone else can either without some specific details and some crash logs.


            Edit: Missed the screenshot. I agree with Mylenium. BTW, it's easy to embed screenshots and they are much easier to find.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You have a flakey CoDec or Driver on your system and AE tries to render to an invalid resolution - the error message screenshot is a pretty clear indication of that. Uninstall any CoDec packs you may have installed recently, reinstall AE.



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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                In addition to the comments above, here are other observations:


                • 1861x1313 is a really weird resolution.  Is it the resolution of your comp?  Can't tell from the screen shot.  If it is, it's just one source of your woes.
                • AE doesn't render weird resolutions in H.264
                • AE doesn't render H.264 very well in the first place.
                • Multiprocessing isn't all it's cracked up to be, and should be turned off for rendering.
                • Are you trying to use your card for ray-traced graphics?  Don't: turn it off.  It's not the right kind.
                • What are your delivery specifications for this project?
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                  RRRFoxy Level 1

                  Sorry . i didnt even realise this project had that resolution - but in render it says 1920x1080 and that  is resolution on all layers in this project. These messages keep giving away some weird error with resoilution , but in reality resolution is normal on every project. But its not about rendering only. I started on one project ( 4 mins long video) , where i need to do masking out of person through whole video. Afetr 2-3 min of working with mask- RAM goes up to 100% and crashes with same message with addition of 0.002 memory in it.

                  As to if i instaled any codeks - well no...i only installed some plugins recently and nothing else. About my card - i do know that its not in original list of allowed once, but it did work for 4 months now and everything was fine untill 1 week ago. I am trying to remeber what else happened, but cant point my finger on anything. I realised this issues when started on that project with mask and AE crashed after working on it for 3-4 mins. My RAM just goes up to 100% for some reason.

                  Saying all that i just reinstalled everything on my PC , because i need my workstation for work and hopping that it will run proper now. Not going to turn on rey-tracing yet , as you suggested, and will see if it will work. Fingers crossed.

                  Thanks for replies!!!

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                    RRRFoxy Level 1

                    Well after i reinstalled everything on my PC it seems everything is working now. I am happy its not a hardware...However i am puzzled why it happened in 1st place. Haven't turn on rey-tracing yet...but i really dont think thats what it is....