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    InDesign & Illustrator - EPS Import: Undefined Error

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      During the good ol' days of CS4 - I used to copy basic shapes or symbols / outlined text / simple logos from Illustrator into InDesign for different reasons but mainly to keep links (and broken links) to a minimum when packaging / archiving jobs. It was a pretty effective workflow for said items and also coud be included into InDesign libraries too.


      I'm wondering why this feature is missing from CS6 (now greeted with a "EPS Import : Undefined Error " Message when a paste from Illustrator is attempted)?


      Please note: We are talking basic shapes here, not complex vectors.


      Fingers crossed this is sorted for the next update, or perhaps someone has a simple workaround?


      Interestingly, you can copy exactly the same shape/vector from Illustrator CS4 into InDesign CS6 without error message.


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