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    Import miniDV (Sony DCR-TRV33E) leads to artifacts in the video

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      I hope there is someone who might help solving my issue.


      I am using


      • Mac OS X
      • Premiere Elements 11
      • Sony DCR-TRV33E (miniDV Camcorder)


      The import from a miniDV with add media functionality from DV is loading the video from the tape.

      However, on the Apple screen there are disturbing artifacts in the video like shifted columns. The material is not useable at all.


      Importing the same material into iMovie is leading to correct results.

      Using the iMovie imports via add media from file into Premiere Elements leads again to the artifacts mentioned.

      The import into Premiere Elements shows also a warning message stating that for certain listed items the file type is not supported or a different codec is required.


      It looks like that the artifacts are caused by the rendereing of the miniDV formated video in Premiere Elements.


      Is there anything missing I need to configure or install?

      Do I need to install a Codec? If yes, where do I get it from and how to install?