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    Help: Issues with new Kuler

    Amey Watson

      I am having difficulty in dealing with the new Kuler. Now that I can not "create the color from an image", then find the color on the color wheel has become a problem.

      And also lost the opportunity to influence the values of the variables Hue, Saturation, Value (Brightness) on the scales separately. Now under each square of the color I see only one scale, which changes only the brightness.

      Also, it would be great if the list of rules has been able to select a rule "tetrad"

      Please make it possible to use these features, as it was before.
      From Russia with love.

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          I'm also sad that I can't create color from an image.. I used this featured the most. Would love to have it back...

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            Dave E Employee Moderator

            I just posted some thoughts on the site redesign which should answer a few of your questions.  I'll post some experpts here.


            Create the color from an image

            We know many users really like the “Create from an Image” feature.  Unfortunately, this feature was not ready for the new site launch.  So, rather than launching a buggy or half-baked feature, we decided to take a bit more time to get it right.


            We intend to add this feature to the site as soon as it’s ready.  Until then, you can use the free iPhone app to create themes from images.


            Color space editing controls

            You can still edit all the color space values we just did not include the brightness control for each. 


            We talked to a lot of Kuler users about the slider controls.  Some users like them and others don’t.  The main complaint we heard was that the sliders add unnecessary complexity and take up too much space.


            So, we opted to not add the sliders and err on the side of making the creation experience simple.  Though, we decided to keep the “brightness” slider control since some colors spaces don’t have a brightness variable.   We'd love to know what you think.  You can voice your opinion here on the forum.