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    Authenicating/witnessing an Acrobat certificate for signing documents?

    Julian Rupp Level 1

      Okay, so I've created a self-signed certificate for signing documents in Acrobat.

      To give potential readers of documents signed by me a possibility to check if the document really comes from me, I've put up the public part of the certificate on my web space.

      (I do not want to use some third-party trust system because it costs money and I don't see a reason to pay for that - for my usage cases, this method is good enough)


      Now the problem is that these certificates have an expiration date, so at some point in time, I will have to create a new one to continue signing documents. I'd have to put up a second public certificate part on my webspace each time and people would have to download all the certificate parts to reliably verify any document I've ever signed.


      My questions are:


      - Is it possible to sign an Adobe certificate with another Adobe certificate (like the witness/authenicate function GPG offers)? I'm thinking about signing my new certificate with the old, soon-expiring certificate every time one expires to create a verifiable "connection" between them.


      - Is it possible to chain multiple certificates together? (That is, multiple public certificate parts in a single file with a possibility for people to verify that all the contained certificates belong to the same person)


      I've looked through Acrobat XI and also the help files, but didn't find anything in either place.


      Thanks in advance for your replies.