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    How does search work on the Kuler website?

    Dave E Employee Moderator

      Search looks at a theme’s tags, title, and creator. You can search for hex color values by entering the hex value in the search field. For example: FF0000.


      If you like a theme created by a certain Kuler user, you can search for all the public themes created by that person by clicking on the user’s name or entering their name in the search field. You can also use wildcards to broaden your search—add asterisks before and after keywords to find multiword tags. For example, blue* will find themes with tag words like blue, blueberry, blues, etc. A question mark specifies exactly one character and can be used anywhere in a word. For example, defen?e will find themes with tags like defense and defence.


      To locate a theme by specifying either a title or tag word, enter the following into the search field:
      title: themeTitle
      tag: tagName