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    Can't download Flash installer exe file


      I've searched and this question seems to be bandied around but rarely answered.

      I'm having a problem downloading exe files, in particular the Adobe Flash Installer. I've tried using IE9 and Firefox 21.

      I'm running Vista Business on a laptop, all Windows and Java files are up to date, Java enabled.

      IE9 gives me a bar at the bottom saying the file contained a virus and was deleted, when I click 'Learn More' the window says 'Topic not found'.

      Firefox shows that the download was completed but nothing appears in the specified directory, and no red 'x' in the download window.

      I've run scans with Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro, and scanned with my antivirus AVG. I've also tried temporarily turning off AVG.

      It seems there was an offline installer supplied at one time but this seems to have been removed by Adobe. That still wouldn't solve the base problem.

      I uninstalled the older version 10 so now I have no Flash at all. Would appreciate some help before I return to factory settings and have to re-install everything.