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    Unable to see page icons in panel


      I am having trouble viewing my pages within the pages panel. I am using InDesign CS4. When I open the file and click on the pages panel, it isn't expanding fully, and it takes me about 5 or 6 tries to get it to resize. Once I resize it, the page icons are way over to the far right, and every time I open the file, they keep moving over more to the right, until they just disappear off the screen. At this point I deleted my InDesign preferences, and reopened the file, but it just reset it to where the pages panel isn't fully expanded, and when I do expand it, the pages icons are way over to the right again. You can see in the image how the pages icons are way over to the right. They will keep moving more and more to the right until they will just dissappear. I have also tired restarting InDesign and the computer, but got the same results.