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    Interactive fields and check boxes don't stay in tab order

    susan mazur Level 1

      Hi everyone. I'm creating a census form for my parish which contains questions and check boxes. I've laid out the first section of this form (called Household Member 1), then gone back and added all the text fields / check boxes in the order in which I want the user to be able to tab through the form. When I open the Tab Order dialogue box to make sure the user will be able to tab through the form correctly, all the fields / check boxes are in the correct order. Now I need the exact same sections repeated... Household Member 2, Household Member 3, etc. In total, there will be 7 sections on the form that request the exact same information. So after I get the first section the way I want it, I copy and paste, or drag and duplicate the section with all it's fields onto the next page. However, when I check the Tab Order on this subsequent sections, all of my check boxes have moved to the end of the list, requiring me to have to manually move each check box back into its correct position in the section. This happens every time I duplicate the section... I have to manually put the tabs in their correct order. I tried duplicating the entire page rather than just duplicating the section, and the same thing happens. These fixes are tedious to say the least. Any thoughts about how to fix this would be appreciated.


      I'm using CS6 on a Mac with OS 10.8.3