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    Will Adobe Edge Animate replace Flash?

    mattbbcmk Level 1

      Recently, my company paid for me to receive training in Adobe Edge Animate.

      The premise was that this will be the program that replaces Flash and Edge

      Animate will hjelp us to create banner ads (in house) that will work on smartphones.

      So we should get training.


      I have now discovered that Flash will not be going away and I received an offer

      to take Flash 6 classes and that this new version can be used on IOS devices.


      The question has come up about whether hosting companies will be able to

      accept the many files that accompany an Edge file. If Flash will still be accepted,

      I am worried that my training should have been in Flash 6 instead of Edge Animate.


      Also, a concern is that we often release Flash files for other clients to modify as they wish.

      This may seem a difficult task using Edge files.


      Can you advise me as to which program will take precendence as an industry norm?

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          Zaxist Level 4

          if your company wants to create banner its better to choose Adobe Edge Animate but if your company wants to make app for ios devices then its better to choose Adobe Flash, and still ios devices wont support adobe Flash in their browser and they will not show your banner that made by Adobe Flash


          When Apple announced that Adobe Flash Player would not be supported on iOS, many people assumed erroneously that Flash content couldn't exist on the iPhone, the iPad, or other mobile devices. However, the reality is that many iOS and Android apps have been built and deployed using Flash technologies, and Adobe continues to invest in tools and frameworks to make it easier to create and deploy such apps. In fact, there are currently more than 20,000 mobile apps and games built using Flash technology available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Using Flash Professional CS6 and other Adobe tools, you can easily publish and package iOS and Android apps


          Link : http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2012/12/ios-apps-flash-cs6.html