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    Photoshop Elements 10 Greeting Cards

    Pam1367 Level 1

      I have tried and tried to print a greeting card locally (i.e. on my home printer) using Photoshop Elements 10.  I have searched the forums and found suggestions to save and reopen to print, but it doesn't work for me.  I can't believe Photoshop has had this problem for so long and never fixed it.  I bought PSE10 a month before 11 came out and when I try to contact support, they refuse, telling me support only applies to 11.  I have searched, phoned, chatted, and experimented for hours, only to tell me that for another $29 Adobe will discuss the issue with me.  Incredible.    When I click the menu to create a greeting card, it gives me size options for Shutterfly, nothing for local printing.  And if I click PRINT, it doesn't work - it prints the card out on four separate sheets of paper, no matter what settings I try to change. 

      I finally insisted on speaking with a Supervisor, named Fhekhar, who sounded more accomodating after a long wait on hold.  They sent me an email with link to solve the problem without charge.  It directed me to http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop-elements/using/create-greeting-card.html, which I had already found.  It doesn't help at all.  But it too suggests you can print locally - it just doesn't tell you how.  They also sent a link to A Photoshop Elements 9 video tutorial for printing greeting cards.  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-photoshop-elements-9/creating-greeting-cards/ which I have also found before - and again not helpful.  It goes all the way up to the actual printing, but stops there and doesn't show you how! 

      Photoshop Elements 10 will allow you to print greeting cards on Shutterfly. I do not want to pay for printing on Shutterfly - that's why I have cardstock, an expensive photo program and a printer! 

      Has anyone solved this?????????????? 

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Well, you can bang you head against the wall, but it hurts.

          I enhance the pictures that I use in greeting cards in Photoshop Elements Editor, then save them.

          I purchased an inexpensive greeting card program via which I compose the cards and print, or, use predesigned, occasion targeted templates, and print. Saves paper, ink and avoids all the hassle.

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            Pam1367 Level 1

            I do appreciate your practical approach!  Would you be willing to share the name of the program you find best suited to printing greeting cards? 

            I do tend to persist though.  I called support back and the supervisor was convinced to work through the problem with me when I directed him to another thread (concerning PSE9) which indicated support told them it was a program glitch.  That was THREE YEARS ago.  There are numerous similar thread . . . .some entitled "how do you print a greeting card in one piece of paper" and "how do I get a bi-fold greeting card to print . . . ". And tonight I saw a new thread complaining of the same problem in PSE 11.  It's crazy.  The supervisor today plugged into my computer and watched me try to print a card.  He escalated the problem and gave me a case number.  We will see. I will post any solution or response. 

            In the meantime, what program do you use?  Thanks!

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              hatstead Adobe Community Professional

              I use Greeting Card Factory DeLuxe by Nova Development.

              I bought it at Staples, not sure if they still sell it, but it's available on-line.

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                cats4jan Level 1

                I have used Greeting Card Factory and it's an inexpensive excellent program, but there is no need to purchase it.


                I made my greeting cards from scratch.  I don't bother with the templates provided with PSE.


                For fold-over cards, I make two projects.


                Start with a document size  before folding.  i.e. -  8.5x5.5 card needs to start with a 8.5x11 document.


                Document one is the front and back of the card.  Note, the front graphic needs to be on the bottom of document one.  Anything for the back needs to be upside down and near the top of the document.


                Document two is the inside.  Again, the verse needs to be on the bottom half of the document.


                I save them as jpgs and print document one on the first side


                Reinsert the cardstock, print document two on the other side.


                When printing - the only thing that is tricky is making sure you re-insert the cardstock in the right direction.


                I have found it much easier to do things my own way rather than work within the confines of PSE's templates.