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    Premiere CS6 will not close


      Premiere CS6 will not shut down except by using task manager. This is a new problem. Is there something I may have accidentally deleted or changed, and is there a way to restore this function other than be reinstalling the whole program?

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          Operating system?

          Can you create a brand new, empty Project, save it and then exit?


          Are you sure your version of Premiere is up to date?

          Run Adobe Application Manager to check for updates,

          or in Premiere: Help > Updates...

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            jamesp2 Level 1

            I get this as well, sporadically. Win7 64, 6.0.3. 


            If there's a cause and effect anywhere, I haven't discovered it.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

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              Laurenxyz Level 1

              Hi Joe,


              Thanks so much for taking an interest!

              The program is only a couple months old. I am running the same version on 5 computers, and the others all close just fine. This one closed fine too until I cleared out the media cache files which, to my surprise, I discovered buried in the c drive and pushing my c drive into the red over-full zone. i don't see how anything I deleted in the media cache folder could have caused this, but the problem started at the same time.