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    24p editing Mac Elements 11


      I've scoured the blogs and it seems as though there is no way to capture and edit HDV true 24p (no dropdowns) into elements 11.

      When I tried it defaults to 29.97 and plays video approx 20% faster than audio.

      I see there was a downloadble 'preset' patch avail along the way but only for Windows.

      For fun, I even tried to trick it into a capture with preset PAL 25fps preset (which is available) and it still shows clips at 29.97.

      Maybe I am msiing something or it is just not a feature in Elements (?)

      (btw- I have also read the 'why did you film in artsy fartsy 24p' stuff)

      I am new to this so try to forgive any uneducated terms or understanding.

      If you can offer help, I'd appreciate it.