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    Why i can not run project on Flex3 beta2

      It's show like this error

      Does anyone know what happen to me. Now i have flex2 and flex3 on my machine .I usually use flex2 everyday.But yesterday i installed flex3 beta2 and try it but cannot run project. Why?
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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          Hi modify55,

          There are several potential problems. I notice in your screenshot the error "Beta expired." If you are running Flex Builder 3 beta 1, you may be past your 30-day trial. If you are running beta 2, did you uninstall beta 1 first?

          Second, try fully cleaning all of your projects and rebuilding them. Select Project > Clean > Clean all projects, and make sure "Start a build immediately" is checked.

          Third, you may want to create a fresh workspace. Select File > Switch Workspace and select an empty folder. Then use File > Import > Existing Projects to copy your old projects into the new workspace. Make sure you never share the same workspace between multiple copies of Flex Builder.

          If none of this helps, please let us know by filing a bug at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex. Attach your Eclipse error log, found at <your workspace>/.metadata/.log, and include as many other details about your setup as possible.

          Hope that helps,

          - Peter