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    Question about quality of .prel files

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      I have started to install VHS (C) tapes by placing the cassette(s) into an adapter, which I then run through a VCR player. This is attached to my PC tower (Win 7) via a Scart lead at the VCR end and a USB cable connected to my tower.


      The software that came with this hardware is called ShowBiz and is produced by Arc Soft. So, I connect everything, open the ShowBiz software, press 'play' on the VCR and then
      'Capture' on the software. The file saves as a MPG file which I then import into Premiere Elements 11.


      When I play the .prel file in my Premiere Elements 11 monitor, the quality is substantially lower than the file installed from the VCR - especially noticeable if I edit the tape and use fonts. The letters are not crisp or 'white white' if I use a white font.


      In order to avoid this quality loss, I suspect it would be beneficial if I could avoid the Arc Soft ShowBiz software altogether, and capture the VHS (C) tape directly
      into Elements 11. Is it reasonable to summise that and, if so, is it possible to 'capture' the file directly into Elements 11 and how would I do it? These are UK VHS (C) tapes.