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    404 page rendering for non html requests


      I am facing an issue when I am requesting an unavailable page which has an extension other than .html.


      For ex: .../foo.html renders the 404 page but .../foo.xml doesn't.


      Inside the 404.jsp page in /apps/sling/servlet/errorhandler, I am including a footer script like:

      <cq:include script="/apps/blahsite/components/page/blahpage/footer.jsp"/>

      and inside th footer.jsp, I am including a component like:

      <cq:include path="/content/blahsite/jcr:content/mycomponent" resourceType="/apps/blahsite/components/mycomponent" />


      For a ../foo.html page, the component - mycomponent renders fine but for the ../foo.xml request, it breaks to include the component and gives an error:


      Error during include of component '/apps/blahsite/components/mycomponent' Error Message:java.lang.IllegalStateException


      I am unable to resolve this issue. Can someone please help me?