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    After downloading Adobe Flash Player 11, none of the adobe test sites recognize it.


      Websites that require Adobe Flash Player keep telling me it is not on my computer.  Revo Uninstaller Pro shows Adobe Flash Player to be installed.   I have uninstalled it using Revo Pro and reinstalled Flash Player 11 repeatedly and from more than one Adobe Flash Player download site.  When I start the download, I always get the message "An add on for this site failed to run."

      After each download, I have gone to Adobe test sites which ALWAYS say that Adobe Flash Player is not installed on my computer.  I am using IE9 32-bit version to download Flash Player and surf.  I am working from/on a Dell Studio 17 laptop.  I have been through a lot of drills from several Adobe Flash Player sites and none have solved the problem.  I'm at the end of the highway.  Any ideas for solving this problem?