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    Random CFMX 6.1 Restarts

      We've had our production intranet running on CFMX 6.1 (6,1,0,hf53852_61) for about 3 years now. In the last few weeks, we've been noticing a higher incidence of spontaneous restarts of the CF service (maybe 3-4 times per week), but there's no indication in the JRUN or CF logs of why the service is restarting. We use SeeFusion to monitor JVM memory usage and active requests, and memory is never an issue at the time of the restarts, and there are no "chunky" jobs running at the time either.

      Are there any other known reasons for the CFMX service to restart itself, or any place else I should be looking for clues? My only response to my boss right now is that I hope when we upgrade to CF8 this year, the problem will go away (and be replaced by a new one).
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          Try increasing your MaxPermSize from MaxPermSize=128 to MaxPermSize=256. This is a JVM argument in the JVM.Config file. It is the memory utilized by JRun for its own processes.

          If you are on a windows system and have enough physical memory then the total memory that can be used for both the MaxHeap and MaxPermSize(-xmx512m + MaxPermSize=256) cannot be more than 1500m. If it is more than that the CF server will not start. Also changing this setting will require a CF server restart.

          You can also try upgrading you JVM to the latest on Sun's site (last time I checked a few months ago it was 1.4.2_12).

          The above worked for CFMX 7 not 6 but I am thinking that the issue is the same.

          CF8 is using the JVMs 1.5 and 1.6 so I think the restart issues are resolved since in the past they were blamed on the JVM.