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    Troubleshoot Adobe Reader 11.0.03. Fails to launch, Auto Shutdown, Will not open PDFs


      Previous version of Adobe Reader worked without fault.


      I downloaded the Adobe Reader 11.0.03 update today. It has been inept.


      After successfully downloading, the software will:

      1) Not open - it will open briefly only to autmatically shut down after 3-5 seconds

      2) Not open PDFs - Double-clicking or opening an existing PDF file will launch software, but it will (again) open briefly, only to autmoatically shut down after 3-5 seconds.


      I uninstalled the software thinking it could have possibly been a "bad" install. I installed the software again and to no avail. The problem persists.


      I proceeded to uninstall and reinstall three times. Each time the software fails to work.


      Windows 7




      Need help. This update has proven to be a major, major failure and waste of time.