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    Using the loopOut() expression always leaves the last frame blank, no matter what I do


      The problem:


      I've enabled Time Remapping on a composition and am using the loopOut() expression to repeat a 16 second animation until the end of the video.


      When I apply the expression, it places a keyframe at the beginning of the clip and at the 16 second mark. When I look at the single frame at the 16 second mark, the composition is not visible. (The object boundaries are visible to scale/move but the image is not.) This also occurs at the 32sec mark, 48sec mark, 64sec mark...


      The solution I found (that's not working for me):


      1. Create a new keyframe one frame before the 16 second mark
      2. Delete the keyframe at the 16 second mark


      What happens instead:


      Once I delete the keyframe at the 16 second mark, the keyframe at 15;29 becomes blank. The last keyframe will always be blank, no matter where it was placed, before or after the original.


      If I have four keyframes and delete the last one (#4), the third keyframe will become blank. If I then delete the third keyframe, the second keyframe will become blank.


      Any troubleshooting help would be appreciated.