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    Herbie Baby

      How do I create and album?

      and How do I find one that is created?


      Appears when version 11 was created all the directions from 10 were not changed; seems to me there needs to be some patches for this program

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sometimes catalog conversion fails. It’s often a question of needing full permission settings and the easiest way to make it work is as an administrator directly from the desktop which bypasses the welcome screen background processes.
          Make a shortcut for organizer as follows:
          On Windows right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose New >> Shortcut
          Browse to Computer OS C:
          Find the PSE Organizer application in Program Files or Program Files (x86) on Windows 7 - 64 bit.
          C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Adobe >> Elements 11 Organizer
          Within the Elements 11 Organizer folder find the application PhotoshopElementsOrganizer (not Photoshop Elements 11.0)
          Select (highlight) PhotoshopElementsOrganizer and click Next
          Then click Finish.

          Now right-click on your new desktop icon and choose “Run As Administrator” Then authorize by clicking yes in the User Account Control dialog.
          From the Organizer menu click:
          File >> Manage Catalogs
          Then click the “Convert” button

          Select your desired catalog from the list of previous versions of PSE to highlight it then click the “Convert” button down below it

          You should receive a message when the conversion has been successfully completed and your earlier catalog will be automatically re-named. Choose the new name from the list and click the “Open“ button and you are good to go.