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    Tracking usage by user

      I am evaluting RoboHelp 6 and RoboHelp 6 Server for work. Is there a way to track usage by user by requiring users to log into the help file? Our software is access via remote desktop on server 2003. Each client has an AD server log-on so it would be easier for us if we could just track using the AD login name, but I assume that our situation is unique enough that this is not possible. Thanks.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi iakovosjam and welcome to the RH community.
          If using RH6 there is no way for you to record this information. RH6 Server does have a series of reports on the topics users visit most, what they search for and don't find, etc. However it does not sort this by particular users and to my knowledge can't.
          I've never heard of users having to logon to a help file. To be honest as a user I probably wouldn't use the help if I had to do that!
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            iakovosjam Level 1
            Yeah, I've seen the reports that RH6 Server has and we are wanting to capture a bit more information than that. I do see in the access database that there is a table called TUser that has a field called userlogin, so there must be a way to make users login. I know that would be a pain for the user, but perhaps there is a way to pass in the logon information programatically when our users click the help button in our software.
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              I think this could only work by writing a custom report on the database data. Even if your developers could silently enter a users logon I don't think RH Server would be able to pick up this info as the reports are all standard. I have to say that I'm not a RH Server expert. You may want to go over to the RH Server forum and ask there.
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                iakovosjam Level 1
                I didn't see a RoboHelp Server forum. Is it contain under some other forum? Thanks.
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  It was lurking in the shadows under the name RoboEngine forum RoboEngine was the name of RoboHelp Server in a former life but Adobe never got around to changing the title. As an aside, there are as many RoboHelp Server users there so a response may take a little longer than here.