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    Making Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 more TV News Friendly


      I'm a Photographer at a TV station in Philadelphia and we are in the process of experimenting with transitioning some of our news vehicles to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I have been using it for about a month and while there are some things I love about it, there are also some things I wish it could do. As I am fairly new to Premiere Pro, it's possible that it can already do some of these things. If that's the case please let me know. Also, feel free to add to the list.


      1. The ability to combine clips into one long clip in the project bin.

            We shoot on Panasonic P2 and when editing out in the field I'm often handed cards with upwards of 50 clips on them. Working under deadline, I don't have a the time to screen all those individual clips. Being able to scroll through all the clips at once would make things a lot easier. I have experimented with combining the clips into a new sequence and editing from that. The problem there is that the new sequence has it's own timecode that starts from zero. This becomes a problem if the reporter has logged the card using it's native timecode because obviously they won't match.


      2. The ability adjust audio levels in the source bin before the video is copied to the sequence timeline.

            It feels like having to adjust the audio of individual clips after they are already on the timeline wastes time.


      3. The ability to adjust the amount of frames the fast forward and rewind buttons or corresponding keyboard shortcuts go forward or back.

           Right now it's set at 5 frames and that feels too slow.


      4. An "Insert Filler Option"

            A keyboard short-cut or right click option that allows you to insert frames of black at the edit cut point.


      5. The ability to maintain the out-point of an edit, in the sequence timeline, after the edit has been copied to the timeline.

            This one is hard to explain. In Grass Valley after you lay down an edit in the sequence the out-point stays constant unless you change it. For example, if you were covering a reporter track that was 30 seconds long, you would put an "in" at the beginning of the track and an "out" at the end of the track. After you lay the edit the "out" point stays the same and you just keep changing the "in" until the whole track is covered.