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    I am having a problem with Flash Player constant crashing.


      I have updated to new version plus uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. Dell computers have also attempted and claimed to have been successful three different times. It still continues to crash. The new message I am getting is continue plug-in or stop plug-in. I typically stop plug-in but then it can up to five minutes or more to reload the page. I also receive reload the page message as well. This happens using Firefox and Chrome both as the browser. Forgot to mention this happens when playing games, i.e. Farmville 2 and Coasterville, on Facebook. I don't seem to have a problem on any of the other games available. This has been happening for months and I have researched everything I can plus doing everything I can but it does NOT resolve the problem. I have also disabled my virus protection while reinstalling this software. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! Failed to mention that the Dell technician even uninstalled Firefox and Chrome to eliminate the issue. Of course per this message that did not resolve the problem either. Thank you , Pam