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    How to replace multiple files in same location Indesign CS6


      Hi everyone please help me with this challenge if you are avialable it will be greatly appreciated!


      Ok I have a spread of about 60 pages in indesign.  I created a template where I have differnt PDFs in each section.  I have 3 different PDFs per page totalling about 180 different PDF docs in my in design file.  Every week I have to go in to replace those PDFs with the new ones.  They have to be in the exact same place and sized the same way since they are setup to print on one of our printers.  In indeesign CS3 I would just do Command D and then I would select all 180 PDF documents.  It would import all of them and I would just click on each area of the PDF holding down "Option" and it would automatically size the PDF to fit in the same way the previous PDF was.  Basically just replacing it.  I did this for all 180 relatively simple.  Now that feature is gone!  I can't for hte life of me figure out how to do this.  I've tried everything and it's not working.


      Can any one help me?