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    why Adobe never attention about Protection ?!

    Arioman Level 1

      hi , i use a adobe flash for about 5 years and its big Question for me always , why why Adobe never attention about Protection ?!


      i know flash document have many Graphics , Sound , Videos and ... and we can never protect these source completely


      specially when we export Project as swf



      but what about Flash Projector and Exe export ??!



      i don't know why some big company like ADOBE just add a password protect for swf in swf setting ( for prevent import directly ) and nothing more ....



      it`s too bad that you spend a much time for some Desktop Application and then then you see your exe can decompile With very Easy program like exe2swf !! 


      yes exe2swf , the free and only 120 KB software !!



      this force use to buy and use some third party apps like : swfkit , Zinc , Mprojector and ... with a high cost ( 200~600 $)


      even i see some users put swf in Director and change many AS code to Lingo and lot of problems for Protection


      and i test most of them and all of them have some problems with some Component and AS3 script !!!



      it will be Great if Adobe care about Us in New Version , CS7 or CS8


      i hope users like me ask this and want this from Adobe and i wish Adobe Support about Users ...



      We Don't Want Much !!  Just Secure Exe Projector with some Technics to prevent Basic Users Can Extract Swf from it .



      Please Every User that Want Exe Protection Like me just make a replay to this Topic and Type "Yes" ,  maybe Numbers of post and replay make them more attention about this subject



      thanks ....