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    Elements 10 and Adobe Catalog One


      I have this folder Adobe Catalog One with the same number of jpgs in the photo

      directory I am using with Elements 10.  They all have a file name on B000???.jpg

      and there is not identify metadata associated with these files.  What is this?  Can

      I safely delete?


      Can I rename files in my photo directory that are part of Elements 10 from outside

      Elements 10 software?



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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you are looking at is a folder created by an organizer backup.

          The folder contains everything to restore your backup by using the integrated menu in the organizer to restore. Only the organizer can use that folder.

          If you think the backup is not useful (too old...), you can delete it safely. The general rule is to backup on an external drive for safety. Remember that a backup is the whole folder containing those renamed files. That folder also contains other files like catalog.buc (a copy of the database) and backup.tly (which can translate the file names and folder trees in the restore process). Without a backup.tly file, you can't restore the catalog.