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    translate error: error: the object is not currently contained in a document

    Ken R.

      I posted this problem on the Adobe Dreamweaver discussion forum two years ago and there was no resolution of the problem. The issue is really becoming a pain.


      I get the following error when saving a document:


      "translate error: error: the object is not currently contained in a document"


      At that point it keeps giving me the error every time I switch between the code and design views. I am forced to click "OK" every time. Although the page appears fine online, the background on the page suddenly covers up most the page. Although it is somewhat transparent and I can still see the type, it is a problem. In the example below the white background is supposed to extend all the way down the page where the text appears. As you can see, the background comes through. When the error doesn't appear, the white background appears as designed.


      Here is a screen shot of the issue: http://www.incredibleart.org/translaterror.jpg

      As you can see, it looks fine online: http://www.incredibleart.org/links/artists_black.html


      Another thing I notice is that whenever this error occurs on a page, another error comes up whenever I try to insert a named anchor: "while executing insertobject in anchor.htm, a javascript error occurred." I have tried to resolve this using the FAQ and other posts in the forums by deleting the configuration folder and the cache file, but this doesn't resolve it. This named anchor error only appears on the pages where I get the translate error.


      The translate error seems to happen at random. The page is OK and I add something to the page and suddenly the error appears. When I undo what I added either with the undo command or simply delete what I added, the error remains. Rarely, the error will suddenly disappear while working on the page.


      I was told to us the live view by someone in these forums because the design view isn't good in Dreamweaver. If this is true, then this is a bug that needs to be fixed because I like the design view. Yes, I know the page does not validate. I can't do anything about that because the code that doesn't validate is required from Facebook and other companies. There are thousands of people using their code on their web pages without issues. Besides, if this was the problem, all the pages would be having this problem, wouldn't they?


      Can anyone help?