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    Continuing process by email sporadically failing

    Falken44 Level 1



      I have a process that has to take into account users that do not have access to workspace so they are emailed a reader extended PDF. Once the user signs the form I use event.target.SubmitForm to create a new email with the form attached that the user just has to click Send to email the inbox of our mailserver with the document attached to be queued up and reintroduced into the process.


      I have an email startpoint in the process to pick it up from there. This seems to work about 7 out of ten times. The other 3 times I will get the Success message from the email endpoint saying that Livecycle ES has processed my request, but after that nothing. Nothing in the server logs or in the Workbench process recordings; it just seems to acknowledge yes we received it but then a dead end.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.