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    Photoshop CS6 crashes constantly on 2 very different macs, but CS5 running very stable!

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      our photoshop cs6 (with latest update to 13.0.4) keeps crashing daily and is not stable at all.

      so we would work with cs 5 again, as this version is very stable and wont crash even once in a year.


      we are daily/"9-5" working at a photographers´ studio and use 2 different macs:


      - brand new mac pro 6-core (2010/Westmere) with 48GB RAM under system 10.8.3

      - old mac pro with Two 2.66 GHz Dual-core Intel Xeon "Woodcrest" from 2006 with 16GB RAM under system 10.7.6

      (both with standard equipped/shipped graphics cards)


      cs6 crashes daily whith following tasks:

      - frequent crashs: using "motion blur"

      - frequent crashs: using "refine edge"

      - sometimes using "transform tool"


      during our tests, we found out, that "disable graphics card" (photoshop>settings>performance) in the mac pro from 2006, would prevent a crash, when using "refine edge". in the latest mac pro from 2010, we did not find any solution to prevent a crash.


      a "crash", we define as follows: during the mentioned tasks, photoshop is gone from the screen in the blink of second, and an osx sign appears "photoshop has crashed"..


      thanks for your time..