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    image vs symbol (can't scale the symbol with the screen size?)


      I am making a button that scales with the screen size.


      I started with the image and tested it for positions and scaling.


      X,Y and W/H = % together with background image W= 100 H= auto%


      But once I made it into a symbol to make it a button it no longer can scale with the size of the screen. W/H is greyed out and no

      image background available. Only the position X/Y can be %


      This means symbols can only be positioned but never scale compared to the screen size??


      Am I doing something wrong or is this a feature we have to request?


      Seem to be hitting wall after wall to make this happen.

      It's a button that is animating/scaling up/down + has down/over mouse actions and with position/scaling to screen size.