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    import cannot be resolved issue

    Veena_07 Level 4



          I had installed a project package in my package manager. It has src.bnd bundle file which includes all my java classes. Eventhough i build the bundle (bundle is active in console also); the package in the bundle is not resolved. When i checked the referenced libraries in the project explorer; the bundle was not installed there automatically.



      Can any one say what is the issue ? How can i resolve it. Because each time i cannot manually add the JAR to the referenced libraries








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          rush_pawan Level 4

          Hi Veena,


          When any bundle deploys in felix console it resolves all its package import via taking reference of api shared through other bundles using export-package property set in bundle. Where as when you work on same bundle using any editor (for example CRXDE ) you will not get those export api support here and you have to manually add/configure to your application as we normally do for other java application (and if you are using any build tool like Maven then API dependencies should be resolved through adding those dependencies in pom.xml)


          I hope it clarifies your doubt. Let me know for more information.




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            Veena_07 Level 4

            Thanks pawan I think dats the correct answer for me