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    Photoshop Help


      In Publisher, I can split a A3 page in half with columns in each side with the middle spacing of 0.5cm, how do I do that in Photoshop?


      So when I print it off and fold it, each side is equal,



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          miss_marple Level 3

          There are no columns features in Photoshop.

          Use View > New Guide > vertical and (for example for a 5 mm spacing) instead of "x" px insert 20,75 cm and 21,25 cm.



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Or to place a new vertical guide in the exact centre of the image use 50pc  which is 50%.


            With the ruler turned on, you can drag from the square in the top left corner of the top and side rulers, to the top of the vertical guide you've just made.  It will snap into place.  If your rulers are not already set to centimetres:


            Ctrl (Cmd) k > Units and Rulers


            And change