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    PREMIERE PRO CS5.5 Gamma problem while exporting project to mjpeg A or B


      Dear Sir,


      I'm in a big ****. I've directed and edited 1h documentary for Finnish television, also, the technical specs requested by the TV Channel is all production Broadcast masters must be encoded with Apple ProRES codec or MJPEG A or B.


      As i'm working on PC (win7), the ProRES codec doesn't exist on PC system, so i've done the export to MJPEG. The problem is i have a different gamma level when i watch the final export with Quicktime or VLC. Of course i can adjust the level in those players, but it doesnt effect the file. When i import the Qt file into a Premiere sequence, the gamma level is still **** and different from my original level i have from my timeline and preview window. If i export the project to H264 1920x1080p25, then the gamma is perfect with Qt, VLC and WinMedia player. But the TV station don't wanna work with H264. Deadline is on next monday, and i can't send a Qt MJPEG file with wrong gamma !!!Any chance to find a solution to fix it ??? After reading different forum, i can see this problem exist since many years and never been solved.


      What can i do ??