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    How to stitch geo referenced pictures

    keller farms

      I am trying to find which Photoshop software would be best to use for stitching together pictures taken from a helicopter drone. These pictures will be Geo taged with GPS information attached to individual pictures. Also, is there a way to stitch together the referenced pictures, and then convert the single (pieced together larger composite picture) to a KMZ or KML file to overlay into Google Earth?

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          TLL... Level 3

          I would use the photo merge feature in Photoshop and ignore the GPS information for making the mosaic. Your images aren't technically 'geo referenced' unless you can apply a coordinate system to them. Also, unless you know the GPS data to be very accurate (most of the drone-type receivers aren't good enough for photogrammetric work) you'll get better results by letting PS do the stitching. Unless you do not have at least a 40% image overlap, then even photomerge might not work. I've also used the Photoshop script 'load images into stack' and select auto align, then auto blend with very good success with aerial imagery. There are other pano stitching apps out there, some with free trials. It's all GIGO with your image capture though. Good luck!