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    Relative links to captivate items work in version 5.x of Presenter, but not in 6.x

      We have a project we are working on for a client that has Captivate Simulations accessed from an Adobe Presenter presentation via links that open in a new window. We have previously done this in the prior version of the product (Breeze Presenter v5.1.247 build 247) successfully. We recently expanded the development team as the client ordered additional work and we were only able to get the latest 6.x version of Adobe Presenter for the new members of the expanded team. In the 6.x version the same steps to create the links do now work. The relative path to the Captivate Simulation is being saved in an absolute format and does not work once we place the published content on any other machine unless we recreate the exact folder path to the simulation as it was on the build machine, and obvioulsy that is less than ideal. We have followed all of the steps I could locate on Adobe's various support sites with no luck. Currently we are working around the issue by publishing on a computer that still has the 5.x version and the links work, but our client has an expectation that they will be able to edit the presentations at a later date if needed and they only have the 6.x version of Presenter available to them.

      We are using Windows XP and PowerPoint 2003 on all development machines. The Captivate Simulations contain an HTML launcher file that launches the corresponding swf file. The sims are in the root of the publish folder as Breeze documentation instructed and the paths are assembled as "../publish folder/Simulation.html".

      Has anyone else run into this issue where relative links to a file that worked in prior Breeze 5.x versions are now not working in 6.x versions and is there some way I can get this to work. Any help at all would be appreciated.


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          KCWebPlaza Level 1
          We've had the same issue. Our relative links that worked in version 5 do not work in version 6.

          We've tried dozens of variations with the syntax of the hyperlinks.

          The only solution we've found is to use absolute hypterlinks: http://myserver/myfolder/myfile.htm to launch the Captivate simulations.

          Or... you can also embed the Captivate simulation in the slide itself :)
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            robva65 Level 2

            I'm not sure if you have been visiting these forums since your last post back in October, but I found this thread and wanted to weigh in. I'm taking a previous post that was started some time ago when I responded to a similar problem about using relative links in the newest version of Presenter.

            First, a couple of items to get out of the way:
            1. Using Presenter 6.0 build 432, using MS PowerPoint 2007 and I published locally.
            2. Set up links to pdfs, html pages and MS Word 2007, with the word file saved as a Word 2003 with ".doc" extension.

            The hyperlink method within PowerPoint needs to be massaged just a bit in order for the pathing to be rectified when the deck is published. As far as I can tell, what I recently discovered is that Presenter 6.0 likes to have ALL associated files living within the resources folder within the data directory of published presentations. After several rounds of tests, here's the process I used to acheive the results and what I found:

            I set up a project file and associated directories as mentioned in my earlier post above. Bottom line: I have a project folder that contains my ppt deck. Within that project folder, I have another folder called "localPublish". Lastly, inside the localPublish directory I created one last folder called "extAssets". The extAssets folder contains all my external assests (pdfs, docs, html, etc). And for the sake of being clear, I'm hoping that its obvious to everyone that the localPublish folder will utlimately contain the published presentation. Think of it this way: the extAssets directory is nested in the same location of the published deck; this way, if you have to republish your ppt file, the contents within the extAssets folder will NEVER be messed with!

            That said, to resolve the error in pointing to a bogus url, I simply redirected a hyperlink in powerpoint:

            Once I republished the file and tested the playback, the word document loaded and displayed properly (after waiting for Word to launch of course!). Bottom line, it's working, and fortunately all it took was a redirection of the link pointing to the asset I want to display. Also, I tried publishing 2 ways: to my project folder as well as the default My Adobe Presentations folder.

            In both cases, each presentation had resolved links to external files.

            Again, I think that Presenter 6.0 is looking for assets originating in the resources directory by default; by using the "../../" syntax, we're telling Presenter to look 2 directories up and out of the Resources folder. This redirection forces the browser to hunt down the file outside of the Data folder and should display the file(s) successfully.

            Because I absolutely hate testing in an isolated manner (no to mention sounding like a complete idiot if this doesn't work for others!), what I'd like folks to do if possible: retype the hyperlink as indicated above. Please test this yourselves and report your findings here.

            Again, I hope that helps!

            Check out my forum for Breeze/Presenter at:
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              This method (using "../../" syntax) work locally, but the final presentation is not mobile. If you copy published files and linked files (in the rigth folder) to another location (in a web server for example), it don't work anymore. The relatives links of publication are transformed in absolute links in published files.

              I have not found a method to keep relatives links in published files adobe presenter...