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    Turning a Pre-Designed Print Catalog / PDF into an interactive catalog

    CodeLexi Level 1

      I am looking for an easy way to make my (print) catalog PDF more interactive through an app. Specifically, a way to flip through the pages, add pop-over images or links, and click targeted areas within the catalog to "like" or mark something as a favorite. Favorites would be collected somewhere for the buyer to look through and decide on purchases after viewing the entire catalog.


      Not looking for: an app that requires a total redesign of my content / creating a new catalog.

      Not looking for: a complete eCommerce ordering system-- I just need a simple way for them to collect or extract their favorite items.


      iBooksAuthor is similar to what I'm looking for, but I need a zoom feature. Mostly importantly, iBooksAuthor does not have the capability to mark something as a favorite.


      Ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!