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    Cannot "Enable" Flash Player

    hillahant Level 1

      The flash player does not work. I followed all the posted procedure but when in the Manage Add-ons for Shockwave Flash Object, both "Enable" & "Disable" buttons are greyed out.


      Window 7 Home Premium

      IE 10 64 bit

      Script enabled

      security level for both Internet site and Trusted sites are medium

      avast disabled


      Any idea would be much appreciated.



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          pwillener Level 8

          hillahant wrote:


          Manage Add-ons for Shockwave Flash Object, both "Enable" & "Disable" buttons are greyed out.

          I see only one such button on my IE10.


          Can you right-click on Shockwave Flash Object and select Enable (or Disable)?

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            hillahant Level 1

            Hi, Pat,


            Here are more details.


            The Shockwave Flash Object is shown as "Disabled" in Manage Add-ons.


            When I right click it, the two buttons of "Disable" and "Enable" are both greyed out.


            I tried IE 9 and now I am back in IE 10. In addition, I tried installing Flash Player 10 and 11 with the actual installation file (downloaded from Adobe) of both.


            I used the un-installer from Adobe and deleted files every time before installing in:




            %appdata%\adobe\flash player

            %appdata%\macromedia\flash player


            Nothing so far seems to make any difference. The two greyed out buttons of "Disable" and "Enable" are still there.


            Is there an alternative to Adobe Flash Player?



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              pwillener Level 8

              I do not get any "buttons" when I right-click on any add-on; just a selection 'Enable' for disabled add-on, or 'Disable' for enabled add-ons.



              Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

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                hillahant Level 1

                Here is my screen.



                In your screen shot, you only have the "Disable" button at the bottom right corner. In the above screen shot, both "Enable" and "Disable" buttons at the bottom right corner are greyed out. The above installation was done with the indepentent installation file downloaded from Adobe.


                By the way, I have both "Enable" and "Disable" greyed out if I just right click for the quick menu as you did. I can't seem to be able to get a snipe of that though.

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Hm, this is really strange; something must be wrong with your installation.


                  You have already used the uninstaller, then reinstalled.  Can you try a complete clean install according to instructions in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/928315


                  P.S. any other IE add-ons, do the Enable/Disable buttons behave normally?

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                    hillahant Level 1

                    I just did a complete clean install as per thread 928315 which is what I have been following every time before. The result, as expected, is the same. The 2 buttons are greyed out.


                    All the other IE add-ons has only one button, either "disable" or "enable" depending on their current setting.


                    The only 2 which behave the same way as the Flash Player, i.e. with both buttons greyed out, are Avast toolbar and Avast Browser Helper Object - 32 bit (which is understandable as the 64 bit equivalents are both enabled on my 64 bit Window 7).


                    The funny thing is that Adobe pronounces that all my "failed" installations have been "successful" the last few days. On the other hand, I did not have any problem with the installation on my laptop. It runs the same Window 7 and IE 10 as my desktop. The installation was indeed successful the first time with no effort. Maybe it is because it has other Adobe product (paid product).


                    What would one use other than Adobe Flash Player?

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      Maybe something did not go correct during the installation, but that should produce some kind of error message.


                      Can you post the contents of the FlashInstall.log file from C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash



                      P.S. there is no other way to view Flash content on the Internet than with Flash Player.


                      Some sites (e.g. Youtube) offer their content in HTML5, but these are still very few.

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                        hillahant Level 1

                        I do not know how to post a link to the file itself, hence the picture. Hope it helps. Here is the FlashInstall from C:\windows\syswow32\macromed\flash:



                        Here is the FlashInstall from C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash:



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                          pwillener Level 8

                          Thank you for the install log files; unfortunately everything looks perfectly normal.


                          Sorry, I have no more ideas; hopefully someone from the Flash Player engineering team will have a look at your problem.

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                            hillahant Level 1

                            Hi, Pat,


                            Thank you for sticking with my problem. We tried.


                            It looks like that there is something within my desktop that prevents the truly successful installation of the Flash Player, even as Adobe was fooled into thinking it did install but in effect it did not.



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                              Ghostchaser1961 Level 1

                              Hi you have exactly the same problem with mine... Did you get the solution anywhere else?

                              My stats read exactly the same as yours too.

                              This all happened on the last update from adobe but when you use a later or the one before after deletion it remains the same.

                              I noticed after the installer had finished files remained inc cache in c windows sytem32 adobe and macromedia.

                              I deleted these also and reinstalled adobe and it stays the same greyed out.

                              This one has me puzzled.

                              I have also found that there isn't another substitute for adobe flash player unless someone else can enlighten me.


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                                hillahant Level 1

                                Hi, our friendly Adobe staff has just gone through the Adobe troubleshooting list which is the same as what I have tried myself previously, and with the same result. At least I can confirm that I did not miss any step!

                                The next step would be to contact Microsoft. I think I will let others do that. I (and Adobe) would be very interested to hear from anyone who is more persistent.

                                In the mean time, no Adobe flash player on my desktop. It is a nice sunny day out. Who wants to look at computer screen anyway?

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                                  Ghostchaser1961 Level 1

                                  Hi,thanks for getting back, well again like you I followed the trouble shooting to the letter to no avail.

                                  I guess then we have both have tried equally the same to resolve it and failed.

                                  At least you have made it clear to me it's not my compi nor something i've missed so like you say see what adobe and or microsoft come up with (that is if they're bothered)!

                                  The only adobe I can install is Air and Reader, Flash and Shockwave refuses to like I say since the last update.

                                  Thanks again

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                                    mungox Level 1

                                    try installing in safe mode. just a thought.

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                                      Ghostchaser1961 Level 1

                                      Hi, Thank you for your suggestion.. I have already tried that and it doesn't make a difference however, you have prompted me to try another avenue.

                                      I thought I had left no stone unturned but I haven't tried my thought.. I will get back on here and let the outcome known.

                                      Thanks for that.

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                                        Leem1972 Level 1



                                        Did you manage to solve the problem?


                                        I have the same issue with my desktop (Vista installed). Tries everything, even reinstalled IE9 last night to no avail.

                                        I have the same issue on my father in laws desktop also.

                                        I removed AVAST and tried with Firewall down, still no joy.


                                        I've had no replies in the thread I posted.




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                                          hillahant Level 1





                                          I tried everything. The Adobe “expert specialist” took control of my desktop and tried everything.




                                          The short answer is nothing works. The only thing left to do is to replace my desktop someday.




                                          I am using my laptop (much newer than my desktop) for anything that needs the Flash Player.





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                                            Leem1972 Level 1

                                            Thanks for your reply hillahant.


                                            I'm amazed nobody from Adobe could fix it. There are loads of threads detailing this issue.


                                            I may try and re-install Windows. There actually isn't much installed on these PC's. Fortunately my laptop with Windows 8 is working fine

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                                              hillahant Level 1

                                              Adobe has since put out several updates to the Flash Player but this problem persists. It is very disappointing that they have not resolved it. Perhaps it takes a lot of work and it only affects a small population hence their cost/benefit study says it is not worth the trouble.




                                              If you are successful with this by re-stalling Window, let us know. Thanks.

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                                                eusch Level 1

                                                This work for me Windows & IE 8 or 9.....uninstall with the adobe uninstaller, delete macromedia\flash folder, Download standalone installer for flash and for shackwave. As a local admin right click on the flash active X installer and run in compatability mode "XP SP2" THis will get past the "failed to register" issue. Install Full version of Shackwave and go test. Workaround but I wasted to much time on trying to fix with the methods provided by adobe.

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                                                  hillahant Level 1

                                                  Hi, eusch,


                                                  Thank you for making an effort to help. I have followed your steps for my IE 10, and unfortunately both the "Enable" and "Disable" buttons in "Manage Add-ons" are still greyed out.


                                                  I am glad to hear that it works for you with IE 8 or 9. I am too lazy to switch from IE 10 to 8 or 9. Like many others, I have spent too much time trying to get it working on my desktop. At this point, I will just use my laptop which has a successful installation of the flash player.


                                                  Just a clarification, when you say run in compatibility mode "XP SP2", you mean the "compatibility mode" in the tab "compatibility" when one right click and select "property"?



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                                                    eusch Level 1

                                                    If it doesn’t let you change it there…you need to run the trouble shoot compatabilty  option when you right click on it.

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                                                      hillahant Level 1

                                                      I tried the troubleshoot compatibility thing. It recommends XP SP2. Then tried to install again but still not working. Oh well.

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                                                        eusch Level 1

                                                        Sorry  it’s a b*#&$   Fighting IE 10 now…what a mess

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                                                          Leem1972 Level 1

                                                          Cheers eusch and hillahant.

                                                          I've just uninstalled again and reinstalled using the settings in compatability mode and as admin but still the enable / disable are grey.


                                                          Its madness. I've got a desktop upstairs, hardly ever use it, its got XP on, think its got AVG but that works.

                                                          My laptop with Win 8 on works fine.

                                                          My desktop downstairs with VIsta / Avast on has grey enable / disable in addon for the flash

                                                          My father in laws desktop, XP / Avast on has grey enable / disable in addon for the flash.


                                                          I think they both used the recent Adobe update.

                                                          Unsure whether its Avast issue too but I've uninstalled that a few days ago, still no joy.


                                                          I've tried Google Chrome too a week or so ago and it didn't work but maybe I hadn't uninstalled Flash.

                                                          I'll try that now. . .

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                                                            Leem1972 Level 1

                                                            Installed Google Chrome.

                                                            That works.

                                                            Sounds a bit suspect to me though. It used to work with IE 9 prior to the last flash upgrade and now it doesn't but it does work with Google Chrome (which is advised to be installed) !!

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                                                              ScubaGod Level 1

                                                              I have tried everything suggested inthe thread but I still have gray buttons.

                                                              Glad to see I'm not alone.  I thought it was something I did.

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                                                                ditsche Level 1

                                                                I Solved the same problem with the help of my AVAST_Antivir_program, which allowed the user (Menu="browser_cleanup") to handle (=aktivateing/deaktivating/deleting) ALL IE_8_PLUGINS as descripted in my bugreport :


                                                                Hope that may be helpful for all, which have had the same problem


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                                                                  Willlearniftaught Level 1

                                                                  I want to thank Hillahant for starting this thread almost a year ago and Ditsche for solving the problem.  To paraphrase Doctor McCoy: 'D**m it, Jim, I'm a lawyer, not a techie'.  Following this thread made my head spin.  It is ridiculous.  I had no idea what Pat Willener and Hillahant were talking about.  The "Translate" button does not translate their conversation into "plain speaking."  I can not believe what Adobe has done.


                                                                  I started my own thread and now realize that any answer to my question concerning my problem with downloading FlashPlayer will be unintelligible to me. Sad.  As a lawyer, if I can not explain the Law to a client, the client either leaves or I send the client to another lawyer.  This can not be done with FlashPlayer.  Adobe is the only game in town.  It is good to be king.  But I certainly wil not sing the praises of this monarch.  

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                                                                    Willlearniftaught Level 1

                                                                    I would like to thank Mike M for providing me with a solution.  He sent me a web address and it worked!  Thank you, Mike!

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                                                                      alok singh Level 1



                                                                      Can you provide the web URL which solves this issue.




                                                                      • 33. Re: Cannot "Enable" Flash Player
                                                                        ditsche Level 1

                                                                        In einer eMail vom 05.05.2014 08:13:28 Westeuropäische Sommerzeit schreibt 





                                                                        Can you provide the web URL which solves this issue.







                                                                        Hi ALOK,

                                                                        I solved the problem with my AVAST! Antivirus-program, which  is for free

                                                                        to download and install from:


                                                                        This Program has a Menu-Botton called "browser_cleaning" (you  must remove

                                                                        the sign at "Plugins mit guter Bewertung ausblenden") Now you can 

                                                                        activate/deactivate or delete all your browser_plugins (works for ALL browsers  you

                                                                        have installed/choosen).

                                                                        I described my proplem and the solution in my  bugreport


                                                                        where you can find in Attchment two screenshots too (PROBLEM  and

                                                                        SOLUTION), which explain it.

                                                                        Much luck


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                                                                          iliansky Level 1

                                                                          The problem is the group policy for the Add-Ons in the Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer Add-on Management and Crash Detection


                                                                          The solution is setting the listed CLSID for the flash player class under the following key to "2":





                                                                          {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000} is the CLSID of the flash player (version as registered in the registry of my PC with Windows 7.


                                                                          Hope this helps.


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                                                                            SandraChung Level 1

                                                                            I've been trying to install the latest version of Flash, and I keep getting the "Failed to register". Yes, I have done all troubleshooting. Uninstall, reboot, make sure all leftovers are deleted (

                                                                            C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash, C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash , %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player, %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player) rebooted.


                                                                            Still got the error.


                                                                            As for that windows registry setting you suggested, it's totally empty when I got this error.


                                                                            registry settings.jpg

                                                                            The strange thing is, I can install it for Firefox without the error, but not IE.  Yes, full admin access, run installation file as admin, the whole shebang.